Virgin Coconut Oil  vs. Refined Coconut Oil

There are two broad categories of coconut oils, mass production at an industrial level and need to be refined, and another that uses fresh coconut which require less refining. Coconut oil by nature is a refined product, because oil does not grow on a tree, coconuts do. All coconut oils have to be extracted from the whole coconut. The term that is used for the least refined coconut oils is “virgin coconut oil.” Using similar terminology as is used with other edible oils, the term “virgin” was used with coconut oil back in the early 2000s to designate the least refined coconut oils in the market.

What makes virgin coconut oil so special is that the oil is extracted from fresh (non-dried) coconuts with a different process of extraction. Virgin coconut oil is certainly richer in benefits than ordinary coconut oil. It is higher in vitamin content, antioxidants – which is nil or negligible in ordinary coconut oil, minerals, medium chain fatty acids, taste, fragrance, and even the amount of protein.

The 8 Benefits from Virgin Coconut Oil

There are a number of potential health benefits from including coconut oil in your diet.  Coconut Oil is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA).  While the Western diet is high in long chain fatty acids, which have no benefits and can do harm, unlike the MCFAs.  MCFAs are easier to digest and convert into energy faster. Medium-chain fatty acids like Coconut Oil have the ability to kill germs and help the body in numerous ways.

1. Coconut oil is NOT FAT!

Coconut Oil is NOT FAT!

2. Controls Weight

Controls Weight

3. Eases digestion

Eases Digestion

4. Manage type 2 diabetes

Manage Type 2 Diabetes

5. Supports immunity

Supports Immunity

6. Boost metabolism

Boost Metabolism

7. Slows fine lines

Slows Fine Lines

8. Stops sugar cravings

Stops Sugar Cravings